When the industry is fragmented, TDN gets in motion to move. We’re able to quickly adapt to change by switching gears. Marketing is not one size fits all, it takes continuous improvement and evolution within a plan in order grow.


To drive wins, we adopt open-source collaboration to build brand awareness. We then drive superior lead-generation, fusing Strategy with Data, plus interesting development with reporting, ultimately creating powerful Intelligence Campaigns. 


Our Digital (Inbox, Print, Social, SEM, and Brand Development) and Cross Channel (Listings, Real Estate, Jobs, Events, News, and Search) work in tandem; seamlessly creating a limitless experience of target audience connections.


Through building strength from Analytics, behavior patterns, and Proprietary feedback, we implore a combination of Creative advertising (to establish desire). We then add directional advertising (to close the sale) working both domestically and internationally to achieve all areas of image expansion and media placement.

Cross Channel Marketing, or Just The Parts That Fit


Specialized Business solutions

Our in house technology drives the future of Smarter Campaign Creation fused with mandatory Optimization, and Display Management.... Intelligent! 
We address the individual needs of our clients with tailored solutions provided by our team of seasoned experts, who come from a variety of industries with One Major Goal: Providing an Awesome Digital experience.

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As a privately held company we create the rules, creative, changes, and conflicts, all without a group of shareholders pivoting our bottom line. Together we can position exposure through our search platform of News, Business Listings, Jobs, Events, Real Estate, and Social Chatter via our Ad Network.


To think like our customers customer requires instilling equity, assurance, and key promises into the heart and mind of each consumer. How? Through Full Spectrum Intelligence Campaigns we combine connecting data and storytelling to make brands more.. 

  • Profitable
  • Sharable
  • Valuable
  • SEM Branding, Hosting, Print      Production, and Targeted Email Automation.


We analyze your brands true marketing potential by starting with the big picture of where you'd like to see your brand go over the next 12 months. The evaluation means creating a strong, and distinctive preference, offering added-value over the long run. 

Content is based on your current positioning and expanding its reach, product by product on SEO retail platforms.


Our Financial strength is built by the partnerships we've develop and nurtured with our clients. Our specialized In-Network partner sites range from 

  • Credit
  • Interest Rates
  • Personal/Business Taxes
  • Investment Tools
  • essentially helping you market to the right market, every time.

Ready to put together a Cohesive Marketing Strategy? 

Business Strategy

Competitive strategies

Getting from where you are to where you want to be is rarely a straight line. 
We help you map the best route and develop the plans and policies to get you there. 
Reach New Customers. Generate New Leads. 
Target The Right Audience.... Extending Your Reach.

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Our vision started in 2012 and since, our expertise has  encompassed the entire cycle of Full Service Marketer into a specialty Cross Channel Marketing Company.


The Directory52 Network's In-Network partners are continually growing with Industry demand and expanding via the acquisition of brands that align strategically either horizontally or vertically with our long-term vision.


Today we've categorized our offerings into Five Dedicated Divisions, on paper. Everywhere else we work as a team, as your Partners in Tech, guaranteeing a positive effect on your stakeholders and your bottom line.