Smart Complexity Campaigns

Start with 1000 Subscribers and 10GB of image space
  • Z1 Plan

    • Send messages to up to 1000 Subscribers per month.

      10GB of Cloud Storage for your Templates, Designs, Images, and Archived Messages.

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  • Web Lead Form

    • Our designers will create a custom conversion tracking lead generating form to bring your platform to potential subscribers detailed in your database list.
    $85.00 USD One Time
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  • Email Template

    • Our designers will create a custom template to bring cohesion from a website or promotion into a campaign newsletter to add fluidity for the total visitor experience.
    $105.00 USD One Time
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  • List Verification

    • Per 500 Email Subscribers, we will check for duplicated and/or outdated addresses that can create a high bounce back rate rate leading to a negative response used by spam compliance software.
    $150.00 USD One Time
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  • Zoom SSL

    • //to your capture and lead page domain. Create a secure location for your subscribers. Offer the safety of https
    $95.00 USD One Time
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  • Lead Generation Package

    • Custom Responsive Landing/Webinar Promotion Page with Web Lead Generation Form to make any Promotion Page Click-to-Conversion Focused. Comes with domain, social integration, three custom images, and content writing (250 Words Per Page)
    $250.00 USD One Time
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  • eDirect Conversion

    • One or two side conversion from a previous, current, or upcoming email campaign. Includes company address, postage spacing, and postal customer information for carriers of EDDM or manual carriers.
    $105.00 USD One Time
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Included With Every Plan
  • Extra 10GB for every package.